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Thu Dec 25 : Christmas
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Welcome To PANG!

 PANG has now become a YAHOO Group.  Please visit or click the following link:  http://groups.yahoo.com/pang



PANG is a male naturist social club open to men of all body structures, ages, ethnicities, occupations, etc. who are 21 years of age and older. 


PANG sponsors house parties in the homes of members who wish to host such events. House parties are open only to members and their guests. At the discretion of the host(s), each event has a set quota regarding the number of attendees.  A house party may have a theme with special menus or it may be as simple as an evening to socialize and view favorite movies or possibly to enjoy playing card games or board games.  In the summer, pool parties are also popular.


PANG  also sponsors events that are open to the public, such as trips during the summer months, to a (clothing optional) nude beach and monthly (Sunday) socials at a facility conveniently located in Philadelphia.


In addition, it is not unusual for a member to meet his life partner at a PANG event!


Why Would Nude People Congregate?

It is nice to associate with like-minded people, and a group of nudists are like-minded.  They enjoy recreation without clothing.  The shame that one might possibly feel about ones body will be erased in a group of others who are nude. As with the clothes, the mental and emotional barriers are lifted when a supportive group gathers together and you are welcomed as you are for who you are, not for what you’re wearing or how you look.  With the support of the group, you will then embrace the freedom you once thought to be shameful or forbidden and lose the feeling that the human body is somehow obscene.  Your mental and emotional health will benefit from being nude in a social setting.




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